Thursday, October 19, 2017


A snowy lair

The Art of Speed

Escape Vehicle


A seething General Kelly expresses his thoughts about the idiot - er, member of congress - who chose to misrepresent President Trump's call to the mother of a fallen soldier.

Profound and poignant.

Press corps as silent as I've ever heard them during that.

Meanwhile, the congress critter the General mentions is rumored to pursue an alternate career as a circus clown.  Also, Marion Barry called and wants his face back.

Nice tongue curl there, Fido

Kwakiutl people in canoes, British Columbia, 1914

Kwakiutl man, wearing a mask depicting a loon on top of a man's head to facilitate the loon changing into the form of a man. 1914

Freckles, they are good

Oh, my!

USS Iowa BB-61

Cabin Porn

I like our cut

One last trip to the aspen country before the snow flies

From just a couple of weeks ago, the aspens have advanced to just past maximum display.  The country seems to be waiting, waiting for the winter to arrive.  It's holding it's breath, seemingly, while  the days are still warm and the light still shining beautifully down from a benevolent sun through the glowing colors of Fall.

Below, the East Fork of the Carson.  Man, that far bank looks fishy, but no time today to try my luck.

The road into Company Meadows.  Once off pavement, we neither saw nor heard anyone.

Is that the Wing Commander standing on the roof of my truck?!

The youth of America enjoying their God given rights, protected by the Second Amendment.

Ruger SR22.  One of the funnest little pistols ever.  Reasonably accurate, and it's never hiccuped on any of the multiple brands of ammo we've fed it.  Thanks, Bill!

G2 with a Bullberry 221 Fireball barrel.  Still need to attend to the scope/sights.

Below, Slinkard Valley on the east side, from our perch at maybe 8500 feet above the Pacific.

Lots of aspen action in this country right now, but in a couple of weeks, even if it doesn't snow, those glowing leaves will be on the ground, adding to the layer of forest mulch, and aspen season will be over for another year.