Saturday, March 24, 2018

Somebody threw away a wonderful investment

Dutch sailors Kramer, Van Dokkum, and Romkes. 1933

Double that number, time to scrub out the scum.

Sources close to the situation told Foreign Policy that John Bolton is preparing to “clean house” and remove nearly all of the political appointees brought in by his predecessor.
“Bolton can and will clean house,” one former White House official told Foreign Policy.
Another former official said any National Security Council officials appointed under former President Obama “should start packing their shit.”
Foreign Policy reported that Bolton is planning to remove dozens of current officials, with a focus on those who have been “disloyal” to the president.

Different Times

This was the class I "liked" so much that one day, when my mom dropped me off in front of school, I just stood there as she drove away and looked at the school.  I couldn't take another day.  I turned, and instead of going in for another day of wholesome finger painting and paste eating, I walked a mile and a half home.  Mom didn't buy my excuse of a minimum day, and took me back, this time escorting me to the classroom door, so further adventure wasn't possible.


Nicely Done